[trilogy_landing_heroes style=”hero_image” header_1=”VVclMjBFeHRlbmRlZCUyMENhbXB1cyUyMCUzQ3NwYW4lM0VDb2RpbmclMjBCb290JTIwQ2FtcCUzQyUyRnNwYW4lM0U=” header_3=”QW4lMjBpbm5vdmF0aXZlJTIwb25saW5lJTIwbGVhcm5pbmclMjBleHBlcmllbmNlJTJDJTIwJTNDYnIlM0V0ZWFjaGluZyUyMHRoZSUyMG1vc3QlMjBpbi1kZW1hbmQlMjBjb2RpbmclMjBza2lsbHM=” image_source=”S3_bucket” sv_video_link_source_1=”wistia” sv_video_play_icon_source_1=”media_library” sv_video_link_source_2=”wistia” sv_video_play_icon_source_2=”media_library” sv_video_link_source_3=”wistia” sv_video_play_icon_source_3=”media_library” slider_style=”hero_image” image_desktop_url=”img/coding/img_hero_svg.jpg” image_mobile_url=”img/coding/img_hero_svg_m.jpg” sv_info_placeholder=”” sv_info_placeholder_2=”” sv_info_placeholder_3=””]Become a
Web Developer
in 24 Weeks[/trilogy_landing_heroes]
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[trilogy_landing_features_section title=”” title_tag=”h3″ sub_title=”” title_html=”T3VyJTIwQ2xhc3Nyb29tJTNDYnIlMjBjbGFzcyUzRCUyMmhpZGRlbi14cyUyMiUzRSUyMENvbWVzJTIwdG8lMjBZb3U=” sub_title_html=”QWR2YW5jZSUyMG9yJTIwY2hhbmdlJTIweW91ciUyMGNhcmVlciUyQyUzQ2JyJTIwY2xhc3MlM0QlMjJoaWRkZW4teHMlMjBoaWRkZW4tc20lMjIlM0UlMjBmcm9tJTIwYW55d2hlcmUu” feature_type=”mobile-carousel” icons_row_setup=”three-three-rows” icons_position=”no-icons” disclaimer=”*The material covered in this program is subject to change due to market demand.” image_source=”internal_theme_relative” image_type=”svg” image_desktop_url=”/media/svg/img_real_svg.svg”][trilogy_landing_feature title=”Marketable Skills” title_tag=”h4″ display_title=”show”]Learn in-demand skills through a competitive curriculum: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Express.js, React.js, Node.js, progressive web apps, agile methodology, computer science, database theory, MongoDB, MySQL, Git, and more.*[/trilogy_landing_feature][trilogy_landing_feature title=”Innovative Instruction” title_tag=”h4″ display_title=”show”]Learn with maximum support from instructors and TAs through a blend of engaging online content and live, instructor-led virtual classes designed to work with your unique schedule. [/trilogy_landing_feature][trilogy_landing_feature title=”Hands-On Projects” title_tag=”h4″ display_title=”show”]Build front-end websites, create full stack single page applications, and more through real-world inspired projects as you gain practical development experience and build your portfolio. [/trilogy_landing_feature][trilogy_landing_feature title=”Flexible Schedule” title_tag=”h4″ display_title=”show”]Study part-time and work on projects through a combination of guided, skills-based activities, text-based readings, and engaging videos. Practice material on your own schedule each week.[/trilogy_landing_feature][trilogy_landing_feature title=”Supplemental Learning” title_tag=”h4″ display_title=”show”]Gain access to continuation courses that cover additional market-driven technologies, including Python, Java, C#, and Amazon Web Services. [/trilogy_landing_feature][trilogy_landing_feature title=”Dedicated Career Support ” title_tag=”h4″ display_title=”show”]Get ready for your next career move by using our various career services like technical interview training, virtual tech panels, portfolio reviews, resume support, 1:1 career coaching, and more.[/trilogy_landing_feature][/trilogy_landing_features_section]

[trilogy_landing_splash_section title=”” add_class_name=”web-stats-joint”]Web development is one of the fastest-growing careers in today’s economy, with a 4% year-over-year growth in software and web developer jobs* in Wisconsin alone. UW Extended Campus Coding Boot Camp was designed to help busy adults develop the skills and professional network needed to capitalize on this high demand career track, through a convenient online format.

*CompTIA’s Cyberstates 2019™


[trilogy_landing_image_text_section shortcode_style=”image_text_section_style2″ title=”” title_html=”QmVjb21lJTIwYSUyMFdlYiUyMERldmVsb3BlciUyMCUzQ3NwYW4lMjBjbGFzcyUzRCUyMnRleHQtbm93cmFwJTIyJTNFJUUyJTgwJTk0ZnJvbSUyMEFueXdoZXJlJTNDJTJGc3BhbiUzRQ==” sub_title_html=”V2h5JTIwam9pbiUyMG91ciUyMHByb2dyYW0lM0Y=” image_source=”internal_theme_relative” image_type=”svg” image_position=”left” image_moblie_location=”above-title” read_more_enable=”0″ enable_color_splash=”0″ margin_class=”” image_desktop_url=”/media/svg/img_web_svg.svg” image_alt=”Woman at laptop coding”]

  • You will tap into our proven curriculum, adapted for online learning.
  • Over the course of 24 weeks, you will cover front end and back end technologies using real-world, project-based examples. You will learn how to: implement complex logical conditions to meet an objective, develop a vision for a website—and build it, create robust web applications and services, and more.
  • You will become part of a wide community of like-minded individuals, allowing for collaboration and peer-to-peer learning via Slack, live chat, voice, and video.
  • You will receive extensive on-demand support both inside and outside of class each week. You will also have access to a free tutor network.
  • You will receive career-planning assistance, including:
    • Portfolio reviews, resume and social media profile support, career content and practice sessions, technical interview training, 1:1 career coaching, soft skills training, and more.
    • Access to a dedicated Profile Coach and Career Director that will work with you on your professional development.


[trilogy_landing_image_text_section shortcode_style=”image_text_section_style2″ title=”Crack the Code to Your Future” sub_title_html=”U3RhbmQlMjBvdXQlMjBpbiUyMHRvZGF5JUUyJTgwJTk5cyUyMG1hcmtldC4=” image_source=”internal_theme_relative” image_type=”svg” image_position=”right” image_moblie_location=”above-title” read_more_enable=”0″ image_desktop_url=”/media/svg/img_crack_svg.svg” image_alt=”Student at laptop coding”]

  • Become a member of an international alumni group of budding web developers to support you in your career and continued learning.
  • Put your skills into action by attending Project Demo Day—an optional, quarterly networking event with industry professionals to showcase your final project.
  • Tap into curated open-source projects and activities to help you demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning and gain access to crash courses in Python, Java, C#, and Amazon Web Services to continue building upon your professional portfolio.
  • Polish your professional presence and get ready for the job market through continued one-on-one career coaching with your career director post-graduation.
  • After 24 weeks, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion from the University of Wisconsin Extended Campus for your accomplishments.


[trilogy_landing_financial_section title_html=”T3B0aW9ucyUyMHRvJTIwSGVscCUyMFlvdSUyMEludmVzdCUyMGluJTIwWW91ciUyMEZ1dHVyZQ==” margin_class=”financial-margin-top-0″ show_border=”true” row_count=”1″ row_style=”heavy-bottom” icons_position=”icons-top-desktop” icons_row_setup=”all-one-row”][trilogy_landing_financial_item title_html=”SW50ZXJlc3QtRnJlZSUyMFBheW1lbnQlMjBQbGFu” image_source=”select-svg-icon” image_icon_svg=”/wp-content/themes/CodingBootcamp/media/svg-icons/financial/InterestFree.svg”]Pay an initial deposit and split the rest of your tuition into monthly installments with no interest.[/trilogy_landing_financial_item][trilogy_landing_financial_item title_html=”RWFybHklMjBSZWdpc3RyYXRpb24=” display_title=”show” image_source=”select-svg-icon” image_icon_svg=”/wp-content/themes/CodingBootcamp/media/svg-icons/financial/EarlyRegistration.svg”]Enroll by the early registration deadline and get $500 off tuition cost when paid in full.[/trilogy_landing_financial_item][trilogy_landing_financial_item title_html=”V29ya2ZvcmNlJTIwRnVuZGluZw==” image_source=”select-svg-icon” image_icon_svg=”/wp-content/themes/CodingBootcamp/media/svg-icons/financial/Workforce.svg”]Workforce development assistance may be available through federal, state, and local offices.[/trilogy_landing_financial_item][trilogy_landing_financial_item title_html=”Q2xpbWIlMjBDcmVkaXQ=” image_source=”select-svg-icon” image_icon_svg=”/wp-content/themes/CodingBootcamp/media/svg-icons/financial/ClimbCredit.svg”]Helps students find and fund career training programs.[/trilogy_landing_financial_item][trilogy_landing_financial_item title_html=”TWVyaXRpemUlMjA=” image_source=”select-svg-icon” image_icon_svg=”/wp-content/themes/CodingBootcamp/media/svg-icons/financial/Meritize.svg”]Looks beyond FICO and uses an individual’s previous achievements to improve funding options.[/trilogy_landing_financial_item][trilogy_landing_financial_item title_html=”U2FsbGllJTIwTWFl” image_source=”select-svg-icon” image_icon_svg=”/wp-content/themes/CodingBootcamp/media/svg-icons/financial/SallieMae.svg”]Offers private student educational loans.[/trilogy_landing_financial_item]

Trilogy Education Services, LLC does not receive any commissions or payments for referrals or successful loan applications. The lender’s loan approval criteria will apply and you should consider the terms and conditions of any loan carefully. We are not credit advisors. We make no representations about whether you will be given a loan or whether a loan will be suitable for you. We are not responsible for representations made to you by any credit provider.


[trilogy_landing_splash_section title=”About UW Extended Campus” image_source=”S3_bucket” add_class_name=”about-us” image_desktop_url=”img/coding/img_about.jpg”]University of Minnesota Campus

UW Extended Campus embodies the Wisconsin Idea by extending high-quality professional, continuing, and lifelong learning to the people of Wisconsin and beyond. Partnering with all 13 UW campuses, UW Extended Campus provides statewide leadership to develop and deliver programs and courses so learners of all ages can reach their personal and professional goals.[/trilogy_landing_splash_section]

[trilogy_landing_partnership_block display_logos=”display_logos” university_alt_text=”UW Extended Logo” university_logo=”244″]This program is offered through UW Extended Campus, in partnership with Trilogy Education Services, a 2U, Inc. brand.

About Trilogy Education Services
Trilogy Education is a workforce accelerator that empowers the world’s leading universities to prepare professionals for high-growth careers in the digital economy. Thousands of people around the globe have completed Trilogy-powered programs, and more than 2,000 companies—including 50% of the Fortune 100—employ them.[/trilogy_landing_partnership_block]

[trilogy_landing_faq_section shortcode_style=”faq_section_style2″ image_source=”internal_theme_relative” image_type=”svg” title=”Frequently Asked Questions” image_desktop_url=”/media/svg/img_faq_svg.svg” text_column_classes=”col-md-6 col-lg-7″ image_column_classes=”col-md-6 col-lg-5″]

When does the program start?

  • The program begins Soon.
  • Live sessions are held Tuesday/Thursday from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m Central Time

    How does the remote program work?

    • Our program combines live, virtual classes with flexible text and video content to work through each week. You will benefit from collaboration with peers and extensive on-demand support to keep you moving forward.

    What is the class attendance policy?

    • You can miss up to four required classes and catch up on your own time. It is highly encouraged that you do not miss any classes during the first three weeks, as the content is foundational and required for success in the program.

    Can I keep working while studying at UW Extended Campus Coding Boot Camp?

    • Yes. Our online program was designed for working adults, students, and busy professionals. The program combines flexible online content with live virtual classes held on weekday evenings.

    How long is the course?

    • You will complete the program in 24 weeks.

    Do you provide career planning support?

    • Yes. We offer career support and coaching, including portfolio reviews, resume assistance, and technical interview training. In addition, we offer experiential learning opportunities to strengthen your portfolio.

    Do I need to have previous experience in programming before enrolling?

    • No. While having some background can help, our pre-course tutorials will get you up to speed and ready to start learning on Day 1.

    What sets your boot camp apart from other online programs?

    • Students receive a Certificate of Completion from the UW Extended Campus, the only university-backed coding boot camp in Wisconsin.
    • Our program provides all the benefits of an in-person classroom environment through a unique online format, allowing you to study through engaging online material and live virtual classes from any location.
    • We offer a part-time class schedule that allows working professionals to study web development without leaving work.
    • You will benefit from a robust set of professional development services to prepare you for success as you work to advance or change careers.
    • Our curriculum is built based on the most in-demand technologies specific to the regional market.

    [trilogy_landing_splash_section title=”” image_source=”S3_bucket” add_class_name=”get-program-info program-start-date” image_desktop_url=”img/coding/img_form_svg.jpg” image_mobile_url=”img/coding/img_form_svg_m.jpg”]

    [trilogy_landing_title title=”Upcoming Start Dates” sub_title=”” hr_position=”below”]
    Online: Soon